How to Promote Your Fiverr Gig: 6 Effective Ways To Get More Eyeballs

As great as Fiverr is, providing a platform for freelancers to make it big, landing clients might not be easy for some. Some gigs are very saturated and usually take some persistence on the seller’s part and also some smart moves and profile optimization. 

While the persistence and drive will come from you, this article is going to teach to optimize your profile to get more clients. We will take a deep dive into how to promote your Fiverr gig and also paid promotions.

So, let us get started.

How to Promote Your Fiverr Gig: 6 Effective Ways 

There are many ways you can promote your Fiverr gig. It could be either personally hunting down the client and offering to work for them or even cold calling.

Apart from those, there are some solid things you can to increase your chances of landing clients.

1. Have a complete profile and descriptive gigs

This might be very obvious but you would be surprised to know how little effort some new sellers put into your profiles. Having a complete profile with the proper information for all the fields is a pretty good start.

Have a professional photo on your profile and list out your gigs. Having clear and descriptive descriptions. You can use keywords related to your gig to make them appear higher of results as well.

Speaking of keywords, having a killer title will also help your chances. For this, you can take pointers at other successful sellers. Keep in mind though, absolutely do not copy descriptions verbatim. 

You should always take inspiration from other successful sellers and tune yours accordingly in your style.

2. Video Descriptions

Sticking with descriptions, to promote your gigs, you can add video descriptions.  Some sellers have seen double triple-digit percentage increases in sales after they added video descriptions for their gigs. 

The best way of going on about this is producing a short to the point 30 to 120 seconds video of what the gig is. What is the value you will be provided to the clients (buyers?) 

3. Use Your Network

We cannot stress this enough. Using your professional network to get more sales and buyers is crucial. Think from the mindset of the buyer. Most buyers are not willing to risk paying someone with no reviews or past gig experienced.

Buyers want to minimize risk. The platform already has established sellers with great ratings and high seller levels. Why would they go for a new gig? They might not – of course, there are exceptions.  

Using your network to land a couple of clients in the early-down should get the ball rolling and create somewhat of a snowball effect. Ask around, promote your gig to friends if they would need something. 

If you know a business owner or a new entrepreneur you can reach out to them to offer a service personally. Those can be then added to your portfolio on Fiverr. But do make sure you ask them to approach you on Fiverr though. 

4. Leveraging Social Media 

No one ever said all your advertisements for gigs have to be on Fiverr. Quite contrary. Using other platforms and leveraging off-site promotions and/or social media also helps drive up sales and promoting your gigs.

So how to promote your Fiverr gigs using social media you ask? Simple, you can try Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. You can create content like blogs, vlogs, videos and even podcasts that show you are specialized in a particular subject and do indeed offer services around those. 

These blogs and videos can be posted on your social media sites to increase traction leading the viewers and potential buyers to your Fiverr gigs. Think of these as a sales funnel. 

There are advantages you can make use of. If you have a website all the merrier. Working with good SEO to get your website to show up higher on search rankings should at least increase traffic to your site.

5. Pay for Promoted Gigs

Another thing you can try is to pay to promote your gigs. Fiverr allows you to promote your gigs for money. Think of this as paid advertisement like you would do on Facebook or Google AdWords but on Fiverr. 

The major benefit you get by promoting your Fiverr gigs is ensuring your gigs land on quality real estate. This includes getting the right people to see your gigs and appear higher results in searches.

When going on about this method, all-out other points still hold. You do not want to promote a poorly written gig. Add video descriptions, write a killer title and promote. This should increase your chances of getting clients.

You can set a ceiling on how much you want to spend. You can even pay with your Fiverr balance too.

6. Quora 

Quora is like a Q&A site where users post questions and others can answer them. You can find out many people who have specific questions related to the services/gigs you offer.

Answering those questions can also get you more traffic. Make it natural and come off as sales-ly though. provide actual value with a call to action. In the end, you can say you provide these services as a freelancer on

Or if you do not want to promote your gig directly you can use the funnel tactic. You can redirect them to your blog, website or YouTube where you have more content on writing. 

Those channels can act as a funnel and drive traffic to your gig – getting you more clients.


Knowing how to promote your Fiverr gig is one of the most important things you should learn whether you are just starting in Fiverr or have been on the platform for a while. Self-promotion is an important tool for anyone to have. 

The truth of the matter is, there are no hard and set rules. Staying with the legal limit (of course), you can keep increasing your clientele.

This article outlines a few effective ways to promote your Fiverr gig. Go on and now start landing clients.